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WIP~ my gift for my violin teacher. still in the acrylic stages of my oil painting (i lay stuff down with an acrylic base first)

a list of things that are taking me forever: this. still wip, gonna have to finish “animating” it and then adjust it so the blobs aren’t moving all at the same time xD;;

edit: thanks for the input guys :D. I may or may not change it depending on how much work it’ll take to fix it but i’ll keep those in mind for when I draw deer next time +_+~

wip, still lots of stuff to fix but just animating tiana with her hair down for fun, i guess? I dunno, not sure if I’m going to continue this or not though, since i have no patience for animation at all, and i’m so-so at it, so i’m just gonna throw it up here and decide later.

I don’t know how some people have such neat sketches and mine’s just scribbles. scribbles everywhere.

More WIP. I’ve been kind of playing outside and not at home drawing these days xD;;; I wanted to finish this by my birthday though but dunno if I’d make it -_-;;;


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ fffffffffff line-arting and painting within linearts.

I dunno why but I’ve been sleeping almost 12 hours a day these days and I just can’t seem to get up without feeling like I wanna die “orz…so this is taking a lot longer than I thought it would. But here’s Danny! This is still a work in progress now, so…xD;;;…i gave up and used SAI for parts of this haha @_@;;

damn people on tumblr are so quick hahaha. but this girl was such a princess yesterday. Had to draw her. WIP though, not finished. 

edit: update cause i’m really happy about how it’s turning out :D

Still working on this, but guess whoooooooo. probably gonna tweak the color scheme later, but i’m working on a more realistic color atm. Reference used for practice (realistic non-saturated colors are so hard “orz ) critiques are welcome, btw :)