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just some stuff i’ve been putting on my instagram :). 

WIP~ my gift for my violin teacher. still in the acrylic stages of my oil painting (i lay stuff down with an acrylic base first)

Skull and pelvis references. I actually also did a set of shoulder blade and a few vertebral (thoracic, cervical, and lumbar), but they…didn’t look as cool, hahaha;;.

These were still-life set and done with 2H, 2B, and 4B pencils and model life-sized skull and pelvis. (I got a really high mark on these :D~~). Pelvis is actually more important and harder to do than skulls, actually. To show the perspective and really understand the shape of the pelvis helped my anatomy drawing. 

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The Night Sky

Daily sketches | My dA


Daily Sketches | My dA

I finished this oil painting a while ago, but I just haven’t had the chance to take a picture of the final one until now. Traditional work does look best in real life though, or maybe I just don’t know how to take photos properly xD;. 

I used a scene of Arwen from LoTR as a reference. She just looked so beautiful in that scene I couldn’t resist and had to try to study her bone structures :)

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"But I’ve just remembered. The river was called… Its name was the Kohaku River. Your real name is Kohaku."

Spirited Away | 千と千尋の神隠し

Done in Watercolor. More daily sketches here.

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Planting the seed of imagination.

Daily Sketch, done in watercolour. A few people have asked me about the watercolours I use.

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I had some watercolour paper that was too small to go into the sketchbook properly so I decided to cut out Totoro so it’s prettier to stick onto my sketchbook paper.

Daily sketch, done in watercolour.

More daily sketches here

So someone asked me what brush pens were, I think? these are brush pens, which I use to draw my recent daily sketches. They’re both Pilot (the brand) brush-pens. I’m not sure where you can get them though, since these were given to me by my uncle :(.

The grey one is actually a silver brush pen that’s stopped working, so what I do is actually dip it in water and use the smudges that come out of the black inked lines (because it’s not waterproof ink) to shade the drawing. that’s why my shadings are a little more intense around lined edges :).