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sometimes I wish tumblr had this section for original artists to write their own comments without fearing people will remove their linked source or comments that relates to the piece. It’d just be this permanent section of “artist comments” or something. 

What I want to do if I ever become a millionaire and can just not-work: Draw the Harry Potter books into comic - coloured. Just for me.

darousata said:
❝ Qing, I've told you before and i'll tell you again. You are a beautiful individual, you don't need a dating site to tell you such things. Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong, you are beautiful personality wise, emotionally and physically. If this male ever had a chance he would take your hand. ❞

aw, thanks so much~ You’re right, although, hahaha, it wasn’t for personal verification though, or for any one guy…well, no, it’s more for a personal verification of whether my perception of myself was right or not. It was really just a thought. On the one hand, I don’t actually mind if people told me I’m fat or ugly (i’ve been told both before, and, well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that 情人眼里出西施); On the other hand, honestly, all the guys I’ve liked before have rejected me, and although I was super broken up about it at the time, I can only smile and think that they weren’t the right person for me anyways now.

There’s a word in Chinese ( 缘分) that basically means destiny - as in, everyone has the one they’re destined for and will eventually find them. In reality, none of us really need a ton of guys to find us attractive - just the one whom we also find attractive. Who knows, maybe my destined one is out there. maybe it’s a cat (or a dog. dogs are good too). I’ll be fine with both, to be honest, hahaha xD (there are adult toys out there for a reason or several, lololol). Thanks lots for the words of encouragement though~! As for losing weight, it’s more like….if I don’t lose weight now when i’m young, it’ll be even harder to do when i’m older (with an even slower metabolism and everything)

Imma publish this publicly to clear up any misconception, hope you don’t mind~! >3<~~<3


i did a thing…..(drag it :D) 

So someone asked me to stop spamming them with my art (with the one reblog per post)? ^^;;; I dunno, I only reblog my art once a day(edit: sorry, i didn’t mean to say “a day”. i meant to say once every post…i only said “a day” cause i used to post a new drawing every day @_@;; ) because some other peeps asked me to do it cause they miss my art otherwise a lot of the time >.<;;; also cause I personally also miss a lot of the artists’ i follow’s stuff the first time too.

And it does seem like more than half my followers miss the things I post normally, so I’m going to keep doing it….but if at least 10 people tell me to stop, I’ll stop :). seriously, I have over 18,000 followers, so I really want to know - I am willing to stop for the 0.06% of my followers :).

i don’t mind if you just tell me to stop :D. and i’ll answer you privately and everything, don’t worry :3. also, i don’t bite xD;

I think it’ll seem less like spam if you follow some awesome blogs though (or unfollow me :)): 


concept art:


fine arts: 

just…inspirational stuff: (this one’s my blog where i blog inspirational stuff to me xD;; )

fun stuff (more anime i think? xD):


there are actually a lot more, and i think all the blogs i follow are awesome, but…well, i can’t really recommend all 200+ people I’m following though, can I? xD;;

That would be awesome if you showed us a before/after thing! it’d be really neat to see the honest mistakes and working progress of a very talented artists who’s final products come out so high-caliber :3
>.<;;~ of course, after flipping it, i can see all the mistakes in the original and how lopsided it is D;. it’s painful to look at “orz