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Jellyfish Queen

some speed painting w/ reference. just found speed painting is good for my mood :D. also, i haven’t used photoshop only in years now o.o;~ i should play with brushes…….

Radioactive lipstick lololol.

wanted to do some bright colours for fun; also a different style, maybe? speed painting…maybe around an hour or two? xD; 

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some landscape practice

2.5h speed painting. done in SAI

Thanks for dropping by on the livestream everyone! I might have missed a few convos at the beginning (was watching Hell’s kitchen), so sorry if i did xD;;

Just some quick doodles (10 min?) of Korra and Aang (old) avataring (probably not the right word, or a word at all), after watching the season finale of Korra (started and finished today hahaha). I’m sure a lot of you guys haven’t watched it yet so i won’t spoil :). but many feelings hgggnn!!

i may or may not finish/redo them when i get a chance.

still not very good at drawing old men/people in general yet. note to self to practice D:

more speed painting practice. reference used.

man, i haven’t done these in a while. fun fun fun :3. 

2 hour speed painting I did a while back; done in photoshop. 

speed painting of Ginko from Mushishi I did a few months ago. A few hours. In photoshop, playing with texture brushes. Still not used to photoshop D: