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I’m planning to paint something for my violin teacher, and unfortunately it’s hard to find good, solid references for violin playing (that didn’t look like they were really beginner at it) so I took a few of my own for different lighting references. I put on my new dress just because I could :P

These two were the only ones that turned out decent though xD;. (of course i like the first one best though which is why the second one is down here and not a part of the whole photoset.:P)


"But a mermaid has no tears, and therefore she suffers so much more."

― Hans Christian AndersenThe Little Mermaid

Done in photoshop/SAI 

Wallpaper | 

Star lights 

With music I composed

Totally forgot I still have my rough-animation leika reel on youtube. This music is snipped out of one of Joe Hisaishi’s concerts as a sub-in before my composer actually composed for my film :). The song used was: Asian Dream Song.

Damn, i should’ve included this link in my animation tutorial 

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My film gifs on Tumblr

For the “100% artwork” meme everyone seems to be doing (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

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Happy Dia de los muertos~! :D

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Process shots of my Little Mermaid and the Witch drawing.

As requested by quite a few folks. All done in watercolor. I like to put tape around my watercolors before I start so it leaves a nice straight edge. unfortunately I’m not using the right tape, since actual good watercolor tape is those green ones you see in art stores, so these ones leave a bit of a jagged edge -_-;. I have a little commentary going on when you click in so it might act like a guide :). hope that helps~! 

My Sketchbook Project | My deviantArt

I’ve always loved Indian clothing.

Done with brush pens and ink pens.

The Jellyfish princess. 

Daily Sketch.


wallpaper version

Some sugar for your tea?