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I don’t think I’ve quite promoted our critique-blog on my tumblr yet. well, here’s something I did for the Critique-blog I help out with. This is our new icon :D

What we do: you submit your projects/artworks/written-works to us via tumblr, and we critique it for you~! artwork of any medium welcome as well as written work. You can find out more at Critcorner.

Please note that submissions is still currently closed as we’re still going through them slowly. We only have 10 admins we’re doing this on our free time, so thanks for understanding. Follow us and we’ll let you guys know ASAP when we can take new submissions again.

Oil painting on 11 x 14 canvas.

took about 4-6 hours. 

Avatar Kyoshi going into avatar state. She can kill everyone. and bath in their blood. because she’s that badass :D. 

Avatar Roku with his luscious mane of beard hair going into avatar state 8D. 

Next up Avatar Kyoshi. 

I…wanted to make a set of gifs of my film for tumblr~ sorry, the film took me so long it’s just really nice to be able to show it off finally ^^;.

Hello new followers! Thanks so much for following >.<~! <3

Full film on Deviantart

Full film on Vimeo

Edit: Here’s a process/step-by-step on how i did it :).


weeee, thanks for over 9000 reblogssss 8D 8D.

"OTL omg i can’t believe i just said that D;. But thanks guys! and the new followers! <3 <3 <3~!

my final year short thesis film :). 

Short film by Qing Han/Qinni

Music by Paul Levasseur

If you have any question about how I made my film, please look at my FAQ :D Thanks~~

The first one. With references. 

Full View Here

Edit: some people have been asking me if i have any more tutorials, which is why i’m reblogging this again :D;;. Hope you guys don’t mind ^^;

More of my tutorials on tumblr here

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Semi-realistic Eye tutorial. Hope you guys find it useful ^^. and here’s the step-by-step in GIF: 


Full view tutorial

Guess who made it into Expose 10? :D

Fish ridin’. Giddyup! 

don’t you wish you could ride on one too? Yah, me too D:.