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Some Virtual Plein Air study of Mountain Hua

(Virtual Plein Air are paintings based off of google street view, after Timothy Rodriguez’s amazing idea)

Fanart challenge Day 1 - Killua (HunterxHunter)

I probably will take however long i want on these and probably not every day lol (especially cause i’ll be away for days at a time from home this month)

Needed to practice more action poses. you can see how i got lazier and lazier with not drawing Killu’s face lolol….and then only cel-shading at the end lolol.

Oh, i just want to say that I wanted to draw these fanart in my style, and I don’t really like to do fanart in the original style of the manga/anime/comic/cartoons since there are so many out there anyways xD;;. and i wanted to draw killua older and nekkid. 

ps. The top one was from the top of my head but i’m pretty sure the manga had a pose like that and it was one of my favourite Killua poses xDD. Feel free to reference the rest from me or anything for yourself though :)

background and colour practice. wip. reference used. I’m doing these just to get the feel of rock structures and how well i can pick out the colours with my eyes vs the photo.

I forgot to add in my other screenshot, that I actually work on one layer when using the marker tool (it doesn’t work well with layers that doesn’t have something on it already).

okay, f this, going to bed now. g’night

I said I’d be doing some practice off of that guy’s style, yah? hahaha, yup, just practicing. The one on the top right (the face that’s saying “practice more”) was copied off of one of his drawings to get myself warmed up to his style.

I never realized how awesome the marker tool was in SAI. good lord. it feels great :D~!

more background practice. still wip though xD.

some landscape practice