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Acrylic Underpaint Process here

More WIP. I think I’m almost done…? I just need to let it dry and get one more layer on it plus more highlights on it before it’s done :D.

It turns out oil painting’s a lot faster with the acrylic underpainting :).

This is a painting I’m currently working on right now, and it’s very very Work-In-Progress.

This is going to be an oil painting eventually but right now it is done in acrylic. my first time trying applications of acrylic before I move onto oil painting, so forgive me my horrible mistakes that I’m showing here xD. I find acrylic extremely frustrating to work with at times.

My mother’s always said my works in progress were 惨不忍睹, which apparently in google translate means “appalling” (literally it means that it’s so horrible that you cannot stand to look at it) xD.

well, yes, it’s still very much in that stage right now, but I hope it’s okay for me to update my progress everyday. This is also flipped for my own benifit, since you guys remember me mentioning the fact that I suck at drawing front-views, and it’s a little harder to flip traditionally, and a mirror can only do so much.

I kind of want to draw her eyes bigger, but i don’t know if it’s worth the trouble….although I will be applying coats of oil painting on later over this, so…should I? I also think her lips in the sketch looks a lot better so I’ll probably be fixing that tomorrow.

ps. This canvas is 40 x 90cm in size, so around 16 x 35 inches. 

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long D;~ school’s been really busy and I’ve been without internet for a while. 

Well, here’s an oil painting I did in life-drawing :). haven’t really had time to do my own stuff. 

Oil painting on 11 x 14 canvas.

took about 4-6 hours. 

wip. black and white reference used. took about 2 hours to get to this stage.

i finished the other one but i overworked it and it’s really not good looking hahaha. so i’m never showing it evarrr D;. You know those times when the wip is better than the finished? yah, that’s what the other painting looks like hahaha.

An oil painting work in progress :D. On a 10x12 in canvas, i think? Man, oil painting is so hard but so fun!! You probably notice that i need to put more layers on where i drew the guidelines of her face xD;; gotta wait for this layer to dry first D;. 

reference used. 

edit: forgot to add that the blobs of colour was because my painting accidentally fell onto my colour mixing board hahaha “orz.