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Here’s my animation to go with my music. Just seeing how well this works together on tumblr with a music file and gifs (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

This is a simple melody I wrote (in Finale) to match the forest picture I was drawing. Let me know how it sounds? (ie. too loud? too soft? etc.). Super inspired by Kamiyama Junichi.

edit: I edited the volume so hopefully it sounds more balanced now

The Violinist.

The sheet-music on the right is the music of Zigeunerweisen. It’s a beautiful concert piece written by Sarasate. 

Daily Sketch | my dA

Music is my fashion

Done in watercolor. More of my daily sketches

Alright, I’ve had a lot of people ask me for my current playlist, so I figured I should just put it here :). and throw up an old drawing :D

These are ALL from youtube.

New playlist contains songs from this album:

Music from my short film :) … along with the gifs of my film in order xDD

I’m putting the beautiful music up because although I said I would release my film by the end of May, I may not be able to because I just entered into a festival that doesn’t allow any premier public viewings yet. Sorry >A<. 

Composer - Paul Levasseur

Paul is freaking AWESOME and is a GREAT composer; He was totally patient with me when I kept telling him to go towards Joe Hisaishi’s style of composing, even though it wasn’t his own style of composition. I think he got pretty close :D. He even got actual performers to record! :D :D.