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Fanart challenge Day 1 - Killua (HunterxHunter)

I probably will take however long i want on these and probably not every day lol (especially cause i’ll be away for days at a time from home this month)

Needed to practice more action poses. you can see how i got lazier and lazier with not drawing Killu’s face lolol….and then only cel-shading at the end lolol.

Oh, i just want to say that I wanted to draw these fanart in my style, and I don’t really like to do fanart in the original style of the manga/anime/comic/cartoons since there are so many out there anyways xD;;. and i wanted to draw killua older and nekkid. 

ps. The top one was from the top of my head but i’m pretty sure the manga had a pose like that and it was one of my favourite Killua poses xDD. Feel free to reference the rest from me or anything for yourself though :)