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Done in SAI

 | Please don’t remove my credits, thanks.


Done in SAI and CS5 | Bigger version

Erwin as an Arrow Collar Man, in the style of Leyendecker :D. Daily sketch that somehow turned into this….. (yes i may or may not start these again? D: )

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should i do the other guys? hmm….

Princess Serenity. 

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Princess Serenity~! Sorry for the long absence of …..absence D: And sorry the first thing you get is this sketch v_v;;~ I’m just doing some master studies and they’re not fun to look at for you guys xD;;~

Can’t wait for the new series >_<~!

The Pokeball Tree. You can see the bigger full version here

Something I did long time ago but I still kind of like it :D~ These are just some of my favourite pokemons and trainers :). I’d love to fit every trainer/pokemon in, but I’d probably die before i finished it.

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Let’s meet again, you and I.

Spirited Away | Done in watercolour 

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At first this was a drawing about my low self-esteem, but then it rose a little as I drew this, so here’s a comic instead; not something I’ve done for these daily sketches yet, so why not. 

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I’ve never seen one done like this yet and wanted to try it. Also I just really like hybrids. The costume of her is partially inspired by what I remembered of Holly’s design :)

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