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Done in SAI

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Done in SAI and CS5 | Bigger version

Erwin as an Arrow Collar Man, in the style of Leyendecker :D. Daily sketch that somehow turned into this….. (yes i may or may not start these again? D: )

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should i do the other guys? hmm….

Princess Serenity. 

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Princess Serenity~! Sorry for the long absence of …..absence D: And sorry the first thing you get is this sketch v_v;;~ I’m just doing some master studies and they’re not fun to look at for you guys xD;;~

Can’t wait for the new series >_<~!

The Pokeball Tree. You can see the bigger full version here

Something I did long time ago but I still kind of like it :D~ These are just some of my favourite pokemons and trainers :). I’d love to fit every trainer/pokemon in, but I’d probably die before i finished it.

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Let’s meet again, you and I.

Spirited Away | Done in watercolour 

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At first this was a drawing about my low self-esteem, but then it rose a little as I drew this, so here’s a comic instead; not something I’ve done for these daily sketches yet, so why not. 

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I’ve never seen one done like this yet and wanted to try it. Also I just really like hybrids. The costume of her is partially inspired by what I remembered of Holly’s design :)

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Some cloud watercolor Kaworu and Shinji painting that somehow became very digital xD;. 

Clouds/sky paintings are REALLY fun. Might do some more but probably not in watercolor. The textures of the paper just doesn’t mix very well with clouds. might do them in oil painting some time. 

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