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it’s late, i’m tired, and on tumblr I keep seeing disney princesses and that tumblr post about the main anime girl character thing and I wanted to doodle something and this came out…..

The Tree and her book of imagination. 

Same character as yesterday. I wanted to play with her more :D. Daily doodle. Done with brush pens :)

ugh, not feeling well today. One roommate had a cold which by now I’m pretty sure passed onto me, the other left the balcony door open this morning and I work up late and was freezing. it’s like a conspiracy to get me a cold =A=;;

daily doodle, although done a lot less enthusiastically today. I’m so tired. 

just a quick sherlock doodle. I haven’t drawn violin-playing peeps for so long D:. Almost forgot how to do them. …kindda wish I had my violin here to play a tune or two…oh well, i guess sherlock will have to play for me.

Just some quick doodles (10 min?) of Korra and Aang (old) avataring (probably not the right word, or a word at all), after watching the season finale of Korra (started and finished today hahaha). I’m sure a lot of you guys haven’t watched it yet so i won’t spoil :). but many feelings hgggnn!!

i may or may not finish/redo them when i get a chance.

still not very good at drawing old men/people in general yet. note to self to practice D: