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apparently CGhub has shut down D:. that really sucks since I love browsing on that site, seriously. Does anyone know any other site that’s kind of like CGhub? I don’t really like the forum-ish look of cgsociety, but yeah.


SCORE~!! Got these at $3 when they were originally priced at $30+ so, in a fit of “holy-shit” I kind of cleaned the store out…

The store (Curry’s) wasn’t even advertising the sale! I had to ask for the price cause I was just randomly browsing (art-supply window-shopping is super fun :D :D). 

Blocked watercolour paper are these ones that you don’t need to stretch and they’ll stay relatively smooth as you paint it with a lot of water. You need to cut each sheet out when you finish them (which is why the edges are black here). The only downside to them is that you can’t really trace-over your sketches, so if you’re the kind of person who erases a lot…well, erasing kind of ruins watercolour paper a little bit…. anyways, sorry, just excited hahaha. never bought anything art-related so cheap before +__+

Hi guyyys, I want to change my tumblr theme but i keep looking around theme-hunger to no avail cause I’m picky as shit but I was just wondering if anyone know a good minimalist theme that’s like this theme: but with bigger (preferably 500px or 400px sizes) pictures and the same amount of link number, hover description, and scroll back to top thing? dunno if that made sense omg, but thanks in advance~! advance cause i’m gonna go to bed now but please help! thanks ;3;


hahaha at first i wanted to draw two things for the FF13 contest cause i had two ideas but I’m so fucking slow and this is so fucking detailed i’ll be lucky to finish one now. My right arm is so sore it hurts like a bad month-cramp ಥ_ಥ…. It’s been a while since i pushed a drawing like this in so much pain omgggggg urghhhh. sorry, just have to complain somewhere and tumblr seems a little better ;__;….and I still haven’t even touched the background on this drawing omg killl meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

edit: lemme show you all the fucks i need to give….

What I want to do if I ever become a millionaire and can just not-work: Draw the Harry Potter books into comic - coloured. Just for me.

pet peeve: when people hold string instruments wrong in artworks and/or stockphotos. Especially stock-photos, because people actually REFERENCE those and then they reference wrong because the stock photos were wrong. D:

Reason for pet peeve is probably cause i’ve been playing the violin since i was 3 y/o and learned that before i learned almost everything else in life and I’ve been in an orchestra for so long watching everyone else play xD;.

would anyone be interested in a tutorial of the proper way to draw a person holding a violin/viola/cello? i dunno if enough people would be interested though, since i want to do a few other tuts too, but it is a little pet peeve of mine hahaha :P.