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Thanks for the messages guys <3~

and to really answer lostwordspro: here’s my face in a really asian stickers faking cute kind of way: 

or if you prefer, me in a shooting-range having a blash shooting shit up:

although the part about me having no food nor cat is kind of true v_v;

Backgrounds. I understand perspective. I can draw a box using 1, 2, and 3-point perspective. However when it comes down to drawing a figure in relation to an object everything comes out all out of whack. One of my common problems is that figure looks like they’re floating. Do you have any tips for drawing backgrounds outside of the standard perspective tutorial? Anything about figures in relation to backgrounds? Any crash course practices?
Well, I don’t think the problem you’re having is perspective related at all, actually. I hope these tips will help you? but I can’t be completely sure if this is the answer you’re looking for though hahaha. Hope it helps anyways xD. It was a good chance for me to do some speed tonal stuff too :D.
could u make a video on levestream and use photoshop instead of paint tool sai?
Hi, sorry, photoshop is so load-heavy that it’s slow enough on my computer without livestream running as well. I don’t think i’ll be able to paint properly on my poor HP with those two running D;. I tried getting a new laptop but….sorry, i won’t get into it, but let’s just say that supposedly good laptops keep crapping out on me and i had to return them :(. 
oops, i forgot to add that for animation, i can only suggest An Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams as a book.
Hi! I love your artwork so much. Could you share what kind of brushes you use in SAI?
I have all my brush examples here. and thank you <3
Anonymous asked you:
Oh gosh! That doushinji -blush- Other than the porny porn porn (not trying to judge or anything.) I love it! The anatomy is spot on and the layout of pages are fantastic :D Any tips on figuring where/how to plan out comic pages?
meh heheheh thanks lolol. I don’t mind. When i posted it up I was fully prepared to be judged hahaha. 
Layout-wise, remember to pace yourself. One problem I find when looking at amateur comics is that they try to cram too much information into one page or stretch too much out. Reading well-paced manga will also help, of course. I feel One Piece or Hunter X Hunter is paced really nicely whereas Bleach, espcially in the later chapters can be a little too stretched out in pacing (of course, that’s just my opinion though xD;; )
Do you think you could do a tutorial on drawing noses? I understand if you don’t want to, I just wanted to ask
I’ll probably do one on nose and mouth together at some point when i get the time :).
Will I get faster at drawing the more I practice? Because right now, it takes me at least 15 hours to do a completed picture (sketch, lineart, colors, shading, etc.).
Yes you will. If you practice with a time limit on yourself from time to time, it’ll help even more. You can even try copying other people’s speed paintings to get the feel of the flow or how it should look and get your hand more used to structure and form. It’s all in the muscle memory. 
Hi! So I got into an argument with my friend about the evil/non-evil of artistic nudes. Of course I believe that nudity is not a bad thing, as long as discretion is attached. But I am curious to see what other artists’ opinion of the subject. So, what do you believe about artistic nudes?
lolololol you’re talking to a person who draws pr0n @w@. On a serious note though, drawing nude is very important for anatomy studying, and as long as it’s not skanky, nudes for illustrations is really great too. Look at James Jean’s newest artwork. It’s still nude and beautiful :D.
Show your friend that and see if she still says nudity is evil .__.;;
Hi there, I have a question! I admire your art and think you are beyond amazing, by the way. I’m going to 12th grade and I am freaking out. For animation, how did you start out? Did you know anything about making animations and whatnot? I’m really nervous and I don’t know if it’s illustration or animation I want to get into. I don’t know where I’m getting at but how would one be fit for animation? What was your first year like? aslkfj I’m getting nowhere so thank you so much for your time!
Thanks very much!
 The animation program I went to teaches animation from scratch, so I had no idea how to animate at all when i started out. I honestly only went for animation because a good friend of mine (who’s a brilliant artist and animator) told me that animators can illustrate, but illustrators can’t animate, which pushed me into deciding to do animation :). No regrets :D. Illustration is mostly freelancing whereas animation is mostly studio-work; so it depends on what you like :). Good luck!
ohh, i’ve always been interested in oil paintings!! will you post what you get to do there? (China)
Yes! I’ll post pictures for sure :D~ I’m gonna bring my semi-pro camera back to China so i can take lots of picture hahaha. 
I wish i could art like you
thank you @3@ <3
what’s it feel like to be creating so much art?
i dunno….? hahaha it’s…great sometimes or other times it’s frustrating when i can’t get stuff out? xDD;; but i love it :3.
I think your art work is better than yuumei’s :)
oh, thanks o.o~~ i’m actually not sure who you’re talking about though lolol @__@;;~~ 
what do you plan on doing now that you have graduated?
gonna be studying oil painting in China for the next school-year. After that, I’m hoping i can get into visual-development for a studio somewhere. 
sorry it’s so long “orz i let it pile up D;
Do you have any of your sketches of your animation? If you do I’d like to see one if that’s OK ^^
That’s okay, here it is :D
Do you think you would be able to do an animation tutorial?
I don’t think I would be able to. Animation is such a big subject ranging from understanding physics, to observing from life. Not to mention that I kind of just felt my way around when it came to animation hahaha. 
I could suggest a great book called An Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams. It’ll get you started :).
Knowing structure and form is first and foremost though, when it comes to animating. After all, how can you simulate a character turning if you don’t know how to turn them around? of course i meant if you’re trying to animate human/animals. If your character’s a blob, it’ll probably be easier xD.
I was just wondering if you can show us the settings on your brushes, and the main ones you use and what for?
The first one is the marker settings I have. The second one is what I usually use for my drawings/paintings.
How long does it usually take for you to complete a drawing (with colors, shading, lighting, the works)?
A few days give or take, depending on what I’m doing, how detailed it is, whether it has backgrounds or not, and how inspired I am when I’m drawing it. 
What is your opinion on a job as an animator? Since you’ve had some experience with it, I was just wondering what you thought about it… Do you think it would be a cool job, or a boring one?
Honestly, it depends on if you like animating or not. Personally I prefer painting backgrounds and stuff, but if people like animation, they’ll like the job enough. It can get pretty stressful due to deadlines and stuff, of course, and it also depends on how skilled you are. 
How long have you been drawing, if you can remember? and what got you into digital art? Thank you~ I love your work and I’m a DA as well.
I started digital painting back in 2007. I’ve always been doodling on books and stuff for as long as i can remember though. I’ve always wanted to be an artist :D. Thanks so much!
Your art is so beautiful! You have improved so much over the time I’ve been following your work as well. Truly an inspiration <3

Thank you!

Could you make some tutorials on different backgrounds, please? And if do could you handle the different elements on the backgrounds please? And also do you have a youtube channel? btw I really like your art x3
The thing with background is that it’s REALLY complicated, and you can’t just do parts at a time, like you can with anatomy. Everything’s related to each other and the most important thing is understanding perspective. I haven’t studied perspective indepth like I have anatomy, so I can’t be 100% sure of what i’m talking about yet. Maybe someday :). and thanks.
How do you make your lines so smooth?
I don’t know? steady hand and practice? xD
After a while of working on a piece, I get bored. If I stop working on it and come back to it, I don’t have the same motivation to finish it that I had when I started it. Is there a way to get over this boredom?
I don’t think i have a way for you, sorry! I can only think of starting the drawing over again. I tend to be able to mull over a drawing for weeks and weeks, so i don’t usually get bored. if i ever lose motivation, i just stop and do something else, and chances are i don’t go back to the drawing again hahaha;;;. 
Can you explain rendering a bit more? Maybe show another example? i’m sorry i’m kind of confused…
That’s fine, but this is seriously the only way i can think of in terms of explaining what rendering is though xD. Basically, the term rendering means making something look realistic. 

Rendering in visual art and technical drawing means the process of creating, shading, and texturing of an image, especially a photorealistic one. It can also be used to describe the quality of execution of that process. This is synonymous with illustrating.

but then there’s also the term non-photorealistic-rendering =P

But truthfully, i feel these terms are kind of just mumbo jumbo; when i talk about rendering, i just mean finishing it from sketch to a sort of semi-realistic form I personally do in my art, that’s all. So here’s my process of how i render my artwork from sketch to completion. (sorry, i don’t think too much about terms because i never need a complete definition - i just need to draw and hope that my drawings can explain themselves. I can’t help you further than this in terms of identifying the meaning of this word, sorry.)
You can see more of my process if you go to my livestream
what does render mean? i tried searching about it on google it has so many meanings haha xD
Rendering basically means when you fill in the 3d-ish structure to a 2d painting; so instead of just laying down flat colours and simple shading, you’re working over the shading, back-lighting, texturing, etc. I put some examples up :D.
Hey Qinni :D For some reason whenever I sketch out my eyes, the way my pupils look in my eyes makes it look like the person it scared or worried. Even when I followed it exactly how you did in your tutorial, the eyes still look “scared”. Do you think the pupils may be too small?
i don’t think the size of pupils makes that much of a difference depending on what the style is. I mean, look at One Piece - Luffy’s pupils are dots, but he hardly ever look scared or worried hahaha. It’s very hard to tell what the problem is without looking at it though. Maybe it’s just you? Sometimes i feel like my character’s looking weird but they’re not - it’s only cause i’ve been staring at it for too long hahaha. 
Sorry to bother you but, I was curious if you wouldn’t mind sharing your brush settings in Sai? And perhaps if you had tips for a sketch type brush? I’d really appreciate it! Your art is amazing by the way!
you can find my brush settings here 
and thanks :D
I’ve always wondered… what’s the main difference between inspiration and copying? I’m always influenced by the real world and the works of other artists, but whenever I like an idea, I always try to change and develop it to my own tastes. However, despite that, I still wonder sometimes if that counts as copying. Maybe I’m over thinking it. D:
For me, inspiration means taking the idea and re-drawing that essence of idea into something that’s your own (and i think most people draw out of inspiration - it’s rare if ever there is genuine original idea.). Copying means taking the same idea, same pose, same colours, or to have too many points of similarity between what you were “inspired” to do vs what you actually did yourself. Copying is just redrawing with no input of your own. There’s always a fine line revolving that though, and whether you think it’s right or wrong is up to you; some people think copying is just fine, so people like Andy Warhol or some popular dA artists’ i won’t name and they copy screenshots of movies, would be considered okay for them to do it, while others think copying is a crime, etc. It also depends on how much it’s changed from the original. This is a pretty sensitive subject though, and chances are people has already made their mind up about it, so whether I say my opinion or not won’t make a difference and will only spark unhappiness hahaha. While you’re developing your style and learning things, it’s good to copy, but try to develop away from that - after all, drawing gives you a unique sense of identity that nothing else really does…for me, anyways. so i would never want to try to be someone else, or else i’d just lose that identity :). 
How do you practice something you’ve never drawn before?
look up references, look up books to guide you, draw and ask for critique. Everything is related - you might think “oh, you can’t draw a dragon wrong because it doesn’t exist in real life!” but the designs of dragons are based on animals - the way their muscles are formed should still be rendered appropriately or else it just looks strange to the human eye, and humans like a least something they can relate too. Which is why the creepiest monster designs look strangely human-ish while looking gruesome. 
hello, i would like the dl link for your deviantart fish anim… deviantart ~ hawkeyepaul.
please note me via dA; it’s easier for me to keep track that way :). thanks. 

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