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Wishing for spring.

If only my tears turned to flowers, then maybe I wouldn’t feel so ugly when I cry

wallpaper version on dA

Waiting for summer……

done in PS and SAI, pretty much 50/50.

Daily Draw Feb, Day 7. Work-in-Progress :)

Done in photoshop and SAI~

Art is my drug

Speed painting, ref used. 

wallpaper size on my dA

Little Mermaid - Saving the prince

sketchbook project | my dA

"This is my design."

Will Graham from Hannibal. Great show; plus I like my men in suits so there you go.

All done in watercolours | Daily Sketch | my dA

when did i start pre-sketching for my daily sketches? lololol. i’m not confident enough to work it without it yet though, cause i feel like i’ll destroy the paper accidentally xD; ………

men in suits are….so, so yummy. Have you guys watched Hannibal yet? :D

The Doctor: I said you were the most beautiful thing I’d ever known.
Idris: Then you stole me. And I stole you. 

-The Doctor’s Wife, Done in watercolour | More Daily sketches here

I wanted to cut out the TARDIS’s silhouette. I felt that the TARDIS has always been the Doctor’s best companion; plus that episode by Neil Gaiman was brilliant. 

took a picture cause I’m really happy with how it is so far but I might mess it up watercolouring it so documenting when it’s still good hahaha. 

wip, the Doctor and his “wife” :D.