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Woah, I got into the Graduate program of Oil Painting at Tsinghua University O.O

….except I’m not going xD;. 

I don’t think I can spend 3 years continuously in China, especially Beijing, breathing in that foul air…plus the tuition’s pretty expensive, not to mention there’s the bird floo flu (you know when I’m reading too much Harry Potter when I’m typing floo instead of flu) going around v_v;;….damnit, why didn’t I think of this stuff when I applied? =_=;;;…..”orz

BUT on the other hand I’m still pretty glad and actually really surprised I got in, even though I’m going to reject the spot xD;. 

April 26, 2013 - 10:24am [1 year ago]
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  2. captainpenelope said: wooooooowwww congrats on the acceptance regardless of whether not you go
  3. derelictsnowwhite said: Congrats though. 🌹🌹💋🐔💉💉💉💉
  4. koromy said: oh tell us then how it is to live in china C:
  5. anoukvdm said: Congrats anyway ;)
  6. pluww said: congratulations anyway! i wouldn’t go to beijing either haha
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  8. karakurip said: Qing hua? Holy crap you’re amazing. And yeah…. Beijing’s air sucks, you’d need to wear a mask everyday