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Yes, that, plus really trying to understand the structure as you practice :). For example, the reason why people study extremely muscular men/women for anatomy is because once you see the extremely defined shape of the muscles, you will know where the muscles should be, so even on a not-so-defined body, it will help with structure a whole bunch. the more you practice, the more you will come to understand, say, the facial structure (or something else if you’d rather). also, always remember where your light is coming from, and be mindful that there maybe reflective lighting too (the lighter part in the shadows)
I tried to do something here but i don’t know it kind of turned into a lighting practice for me lol “orz. And I put some other skulls I sketched for reference 
well, currently I’m doing some freelance work, so self-set deadlines and imagining the client extremely disappointed if i don’t finish it motivates me do finish it if i start getting tired of it xDD
The line can be pretty blurry a lot of the times. Truthfully I don’t really think there’s ever a truly “original” idea, so if it’s for something like a hairstyle of a character, unless it’s so unique that people will see the hair and recognize a character that way (like…Naruto’s stripe-marks on his face or something, which isn’t unique per se but people relate those to him), I think it should be okay to draw inspiration from them. But of course, this is just me and everyone thinks differently on this subject and can easily be offended…but i ‘d say go for it, hahaha.
Thanks very much! I do freelance work mostly right now but I’m going back to school so no jobs :D. I do sell my artwork at conventions. I will be doing more tutorials in the future on anatomy :)
Well…the thing is, i’m not very good at backgrounds yet, I feel hahaha;;;. i haven’t studied it as much as I have anatomy (although i still have a lot more to study on anatomy too), but background is too broad a subject for me to approach…do i start on perspective? but those are self-teachable too and there’s really just a set of rules you have to follow and you’ll have good perspective. Or composition? But those come with practice or, an easier way, the golden spiral can easily show you what the best composition focal points are. Or colouring backgrounds? But that spans a lot more than backgrounds and goes into colour theory, the way light and dark works with our eyes in real life compared to in paintings, etc. See? so many things @____@;;
OMG LOL i just KNOW who you are =_=. lololol.
Oh my, I honestly have no idea how i can help you there. I started drawing when i was 11y/o and i started by copying Card-captor Sakura artworks and they often turned out exactly alike so I’ve never really had trouble copying things to practice @__@;; so i’m not sure why it turns out different for you “orz. sorry, I’m afraid i can’t help there D:.
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