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I was just wondering if you can show us the settings on your brushes, and the main ones you use and what for?
The first one is the marker settings I have. The second one is what I usually use for my drawings/paintings.
How long does it usually take for you to complete a drawing (with colors, shading, lighting, the works)?
A few days give or take, depending on what I’m doing, how detailed it is, whether it has backgrounds or not, and how inspired I am when I’m drawing it. 
What is your opinion on a job as an animator? Since you’ve had some experience with it, I was just wondering what you thought about it… Do you think it would be a cool job, or a boring one?
Honestly, it depends on if you like animating or not. Personally I prefer painting backgrounds and stuff, but if people like animation, they’ll like the job enough. It can get pretty stressful due to deadlines and stuff, of course, and it also depends on how skilled you are. 
How long have you been drawing, if you can remember? and what got you into digital art? Thank you~ I love your work and I’m a DA as well.
I started digital painting back in 2007. I’ve always been doodling on books and stuff for as long as i can remember though. I’ve always wanted to be an artist :D. Thanks so much!
Your art is so beautiful! You have improved so much over the time I’ve been following your work as well. Truly an inspiration <3

Thank you!

Could you make some tutorials on different backgrounds, please? And if do could you handle the different elements on the backgrounds please? And also do you have a youtube channel? btw I really like your art x3
The thing with background is that it’s REALLY complicated, and you can’t just do parts at a time, like you can with anatomy. Everything’s related to each other and the most important thing is understanding perspective. I haven’t studied perspective indepth like I have anatomy, so I can’t be 100% sure of what i’m talking about yet. Maybe someday :). and thanks.
How do you make your lines so smooth?
I don’t know? steady hand and practice? xD
After a while of working on a piece, I get bored. If I stop working on it and come back to it, I don’t have the same motivation to finish it that I had when I started it. Is there a way to get over this boredom?
I don’t think i have a way for you, sorry! I can only think of starting the drawing over again. I tend to be able to mull over a drawing for weeks and weeks, so i don’t usually get bored. if i ever lose motivation, i just stop and do something else, and chances are i don’t go back to the drawing again hahaha;;;. 
July 10, 2012 - 2:09pm [2 years ago]
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