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hey guys, sorry for the radio silence; I’ll reply to messages as soon as i get the time. I just moved to Vancouver last week and it’s kind of been a mess - the kind where the place i put a deposit down for turned out to be uninhabitable (there was a gas leak, and the hot water boiler and the main heater was practically in the living room, not to mention the rooms themselves are no taller than 5’4”; there’s a serious carbon monoxide possibility so….yeah. and the landlord refuses to return my deposit so that’s also pretty horrible), and someone i was supposed to room with went to live with someone else so i was left to find a place myself. still sorting shit out but at least i’ve got a place to stay now so that’s a plus, even if it’s a little expensive, it’s mine for now. so yeah, just a little update or something, i dunno. xD;;. I had to leave behind my cintiq and currently don’t have enough money to get a smaller one, so I’ll probably be doing more traditional stuff once i settle down xD;;. 


Qinni, on Tumblr

Ahh, thank you for the feature ///><///~


WIP~ my gift for my violin teacher. still in the acrylic stages of my oil painting (i lay stuff down with an acrylic base first)

I swear to god every time I see a discussion about female protagonists, there’s always one insecure male who’s like “i’m just so uncomfortable playing female”. Oh my GOD, i wonder how females EVER played all those games with male protagonists. I mean obviously every time I play a game with a male protagonist i feel like I grow a dick. Obviously.

God forbid anything ever remotely or even indirectly challenges your masculinity. (Hugs between guys. OH. NO.)

I’m planning to paint something for my violin teacher, and unfortunately it’s hard to find good, solid references for violin playing (that didn’t look like they were really beginner at it) so I took a few of my own for different lighting references. I put on my new dress just because I could :P

These two were the only ones that turned out decent though xD;. (of course i like the first one best though which is why the second one is down here and not a part of the whole photoset.:P)


Here’s my animation to go with my music. Just seeing how well this works together on tumblr with a music file and gifs (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Some Virtual Plein Air study of Mountain Hua

(Virtual Plein Air are paintings based off of google street view, after Timothy Rodriguez’s amazing idea)

Here’s the list with complete photos and reviews

Anatomy Books

Animation/ Illustration/ Concept art Skill-set Books

Inspiring Illustration Books

….someone just compared me to being an art thief because I was inspired by Miyazaki in terms of the concept of a forest god. oh, and the fact that it was a stag. Not unlike Pokemon’s forest god, i should say….

I’ve never heard that being inspired by something means you’re stealing art. Now that one’s new.